Throughout my time installing security systems I have come to notice gaps in what I wanted to provide and what I was able to provide to the customers I was protecting. This is why I opened Visioneers Security, here I can help people and provide the level of service and value I have always wanted to provide.

I started out my career after I left the United States Marines. I had a desire to make a difference in my life, and helping to protect people gives me same type of satisfaction I felt while I was in the service. The companies I have worked for ranged from large multinational corporations to small family owned businesses. This has enabled me to have a well rounded technical knowledge base and deep understanding of the multitude of security systems manufactured (alarm, video, access control, and fire detection).

I have a degree in computer information systems with a concentration in network infrastructure and administration. With low voltage systems (access control, video surveillance, security systems, audio, and video systems) being network dependent I felt it was necessary to have a deep understanding of how to utilize these system correctly on my customer’s network.

– Chris DeGrego