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Visioneers Security is a BBB approved business with an  A rating and the leading Bay Area security and system integrator serving Alameda, CA since 2001. Our services include:

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What to Expect During a Alameda, CA Alarm Installations

When dealing with a new installation, the availability of existing wiring or reasonable pathways to install wiring has a major effect on the type of system utilized. If there is not existing wiring the installer will be forced to install a wireless system. In this type of alarm system the installer will still need to run a wire from an electrical outlet to the alarm system, and install a cellular dialer to contact the monitoring center. A significant amount of questions come to the minds of homeowners and business owners

  • Is a leased system the right choice for me?
  • Why is the contract for so long?
  • Do I need a regular phone line?
  • What is the difference between the companies and the products they offer, and can I access the alarm system from my phone or tablet?
  • Why does one company offer a free system while another company is charging me?
  • Is wireless better than a hardwired system?
  • What are the benefits and options of the different alarm systems and their devices?

Sifting through all the different offers can be quite daunting.
A Alameda, CA alarm installation usually consists of:

The first order of business is determining the best possible wire installation routes and corresponding equipment locations.

All systems need power and a way to send data back and forth between the components. Due to those needs the equipment will usually be placed on interior walls or in a locations that can be accessed by running wiring under the home or through the attic.

If the equipment will need to be in a place that is not accessible by these choices, and wireless technology is not an option for your installation requirements then the last option would be to open access points in the walls to install the necessary wiring. Most interior walls are easily repaired to the condition they were in before the installation.

  • Installation of Wiring: All wiring and wall plates installed. Clean up of associated debris from installations and patching of any walls access points as needed.
  • Installation of all Peripheral Devices: Whether wireless or hardwired.
  • Installation of Main Components and System Controllers: This includes alarm brains, AV receivers, integrated amplifiers, and lighting/blind controllers.
  • Program Systems: Configure and program all systems installed per contract.
  • Testing and Personalization of Systems Installed: Ensure proper operation of the entire system. We then confer with our customer to personalize the systems to their individual needs.
  • Train Customer on Use of Systems: Meet with our customers to train them on the use of installed systems and delivery of associated user manuals. We take the time to make sure our customers have a solid understanding of the operation of their systems.

These steps are a condensed list of the steps and care we take when doing Alameda, CA alarm installations. Depending on the intricacies of the systems purchased, an installation can take anywhere from a day to a week to complete. For larger systems where we are installing an integrated solution of alarm, audio, video, and building automation the installations can take even longer and might be completed in stages.

Selecting a Quality Alameda, CA Alarm or System Integration Company

When a homeowner determines the time is right to purchase an alarm or an integrated solution for their home or business, utilizing a professional alarm/integration company with plenty of experience and knowledge will save a lot of future frustration and disappointment. It is important to check references and make sure the company has proper licensing, insurance, and bonding in place. Accidents do happen and these items protect both the contractor and the homeowner.

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