Custom Design

Every theater is custom designed, based entirely on the vision of each client. The installation of your home theatre begins with a consultation to determine that vision, set expectations, determine the proper viewing distance, analyze room size, and establish a budget.

From there, our experts research and recommend the finest audio and video components / technologies and present a workable plan. Our extensive knowledge and unique ability to implement easy-to-use systems translates into maximized enjoyment. (with minimized frustration and downtime)

“We design and install customized audio and video systems for homes and businesses. This entails home theaters, conference rooms, video, and audio systems. Please visit VisioneersAV for more information on these services.”

Multi-Room Distribution Audio/Video:

The goal is to allow you to be able to, listen to or view different sources of audio and/or video from multiple locations in your home. We meet with you to determine your vision, identify needs, analyze floor plans, and set goals for your final project outcome. We research and recommend technologies and components to meet your objectives and budget. The scope of every project varies but most involve hundreds of technologies/components being organized into simple, user-friendly controls that anyone can use.

Customer Support and Training:

This is the most important service we provide to our clients. Once your dream system is installed we make sure you are able to enjoy every aspect of your new system. Through the use of simple universal remote controls, we take the guesswork out of operating any system.

We also do follow-up contacts to make sure you are enjoying your system as much as the day it was installed.

We have designed and installed audio and visual systems that have went into places like the Metreon to homes in central Oakland. Each installation requires the same care and attention.