Diehard Security Solutions

Visioneers has partnered with Diehard Security Solutions to provide you with the very best in security protection. By combining Diehard’s empathic security approach with Visioneers’ outstanding technology we are able to bring your protection to the next level!


Diehard Security Solutions offers elite customer-service oriented Security and Protection Specialists, who are trained using sophisticated and proven techniques that are designed to minimize confrontation and limit liabilities. By utilizing preventative measures, rather than the standard reactionary approach, we are able to avoid conflicts before they become problems.


Diehard’s Home Owners Association Neighborhood Watch package provides the following services:

  • Foot and vehicle patrols
  • Prompt response to emergency situations
  • Peacefully enforce policies
  • Maintain a presence to deter crime
  • Monitor and patrol parking areas
  • Make notifications of suspicious vehicles/persons
  • Safely approach trespassers
  • Contact local police, fire and medical for emergency situations
  • Prepare daily logs and incident reports

Their experienced management team is ready to design a customized security program to match any HOA budget.


Depending on your needs, Diehard also offers Nuisance Intervention Services. For a reasonable per diem price, our patrol vehicle and guard will visit your specified location 2-3 times a week between sunset and sunrise in order to help discourage any criminal activity. Nuisance Intervention Services for your home or business have been shown to help deter:

  • Vagrants
  • Graffiti
  • Vandalism
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Public Intoxication
  • Drug Use
  • Trespassing
  • Inappropriate behavior


To learn more about what Diehard Security can do for you, visit their website at www.diehardsecurity.com and make sure to mention you were referred by Visioneers!