We have over fifteen years installing network Infrastructure. Today’s networks are inundated with devices (wireless and hardwired), and with the help of Aruba Networks we have been able to maximize our customer’s network reliability and performance.

How many times have you been frustrated because you can not connect to your network on the porch, or that one area of your home, does your Netflix freeze, do you have speed issues? let us help you discover why these issues are present and give you a resolution. The market is flooded with network devices, and it can be overwhelming finding the correct device to resolve your issues.

The issues with devices not connecting, not communicating with each other, poor signal strength, and high latency are all resolved with proper network design and installation.

Five years ago the business network was where we had to spend time surveying and designing a proper network Infrastructure.  Now with home networks having well over twenty devices connected to it at any one time (being a mixture of wireless and hardwired devices) the same thought and resources have to be utilized.


Networks need to have seamless integration of wireless and hardwired devices, streaming devices separated from regular traffic and given it’s own pathway, connected but not active devices removed from the traffic queue but have the ability to brought up into the traffic instantaneously, and most importantly have robust security.