Why should you install security cameras?

Camera systems have finally come to the point where the video evidence is of a high enough resolution to be utilized in the prosecution of criminals.

By utilizing mega pixel cameras and network video recorders we are finally able to give our customers what has always been our desire; facial or license plate recognition.

The ability to digitally zoom into select areas of the camera view without loosing resolution quality has dramatically increased the value camera systems provide. Whereas cameras used to be a deterrent now they have become a tool for the public and police to counteract the growth in crime.

This can be accomplished with half as many cameras. The cameras are now aesthetically pleasing, and perform better under undesirable lighting conditions.

This is why we have decided not to install analog camera system anymore, we do not want our name associated with poor camera performance. Nor do we want our customers to have an event and not have the video evidence necessary to pin point the person responsible. The logic does not support purchasing cheap cameras.

We have over two decades of experience installing surveillance products from Pelco, Sony, ICRealtime, Exacqvision, Arecont, Acti, Vivotek, Toshiba, Salient, Honeywell, Hikvision, and many other manufacturers.

We have designed and installed camera systems that have went into places like the Metreon to homes in central Oakland. Each installation requires the same care and attention.