There are four services that security systems provide, detection of burglary, detection of fire, silent panic alert, and detection of unsafe CO2 release.

These services are provided by having protection designed for your home and living style.

The electrician or Home Depot provided smoke detectors alert you if you are present when a fire starts, but this does not help if you are not present. Who notifies the fire department? Our alarm system will perform this function for you, saving you money on your insurance policy, protection of your valuables, and in the event you are overcome by smoke protection of your life.

If the security system is designed correctly it will detects an intruder within seconds of entering the property. A security system can not stop an intruder, but it will prevent them from loitering. The burglar knows he only has minutes before the police arrive.

If in the event you are attacked when at your property and have the chance to press your panic button the police will be silently notified of your situation and respond accordingly.

Many of our homes and businesses are heated with gas furnaces which leak. This leak can be transferred to all the rooms that have heating vents. If the CO2 detector you purchased through Home Depot, Nest, or the electrician detects a high level of CO2 it makes an audible notification. This audible notification does not help you if you are already unconscious. In this instance I would like a fireman to be notified of my predicament and resuscitate me and my family.

We understand there are many security system options out there, but many of these choices come with hidden issues to consider (leasing vs. owning, warranty time frame, cost of service, and contract termination fee).

VISIONEERS does not have hidden fees, we provide free service for current monitored customers, you own your security system, and there are no early termination fees.


We provide you with a free security system consultation which will cover areas of concern and how you can rectify them.